Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NETS & 21st Century Skills Keywords

Here is a list of keywords put together by the cadre described in both NETS and 21st Century Skills.

innovation xxx
collaboration xxxxxx
technology concepts
critical thinking / problem solving xxxxxx
legal and ethical behavior (with technology) xx
creativity x
communication xxx
technical skills x
technology x
curriculum and instruction
learning environment
lifelong learning
global awareness x
informed decisions
initiative/self direction x


LaGrande Baker Ed Tech Cadre said...

Kids write paragraph on topic of choice and peer edit, using a document camera

Amelia said...


blogs from teacher and students to share comments as well as with each other

chat rooms and e-mail/ to enhance speaking and writing skills and for global communication

telephone and cell phones for language acquisition

PowerPoints for oral presentations

LCD projectors/ you figure it out

LaGrande Baker Ed Tech Cadre said...

Collaberatively create a PowerPoint that shares their interpretation and critique of a poem.

Debbie said...

First: Student evaluate biographical sites for layout and accuracy of information.
Second: Students will create a "My Space Page" representing a historical figure.

LaGrande Baker Ed Tech Cadre said...

Students will create a collective story, transfer it to Voki, and present the story through Voki to the class.

Critical Thinking