Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Questions for Elementary Kids

On line predator


Oh What A Beautiful Morning

Guess who is coming to dinner

Baker City Rocks

Mountains make me happy!

In the kitchen


How Kelly is feeling this week....scattered!

Bonn's jungle of the week

Who's Who?

It's a jungle out there!!!

It's a JUNGLE out there!

March 17th

March Madness



Feeling a little blue... an angry elephant in the forest.

Tim's Pic

I have created a masterpiece.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Animal Farm


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Bovine Beauties of Baker

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What do you fear about technology?

NETS & 21st Century Skills Keywords

Here is a list of keywords put together by the cadre described in both NETS and 21st Century Skills.

innovation xxx
collaboration xxxxxx
technology concepts
critical thinking / problem solving xxxxxx
legal and ethical behavior (with technology) xx
creativity x
communication xxx
technical skills x
technology x
curriculum and instruction
learning environment
lifelong learning
global awareness x
informed decisions
initiative/self direction x

The Amazing Race

Was dinner good?

Mac or PC?


Travel to meeting

Vacation spots

The Daily Grind

Favorite Restaurant

When can you retire?

Spare Time??

Super Bowl!!!

Agenda/Links used for January 16th Cadre